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Live Green Design

Seminar: Design of high promise for a sustainable future.

From the design of work spaces to architecture and the influence of optimization for human potential.


This theme developed from the most vanguard tendencies for work space design in harmony with the environment and was launched by 4 renowned professionals from the US.


Architect Joseph Brancato from Gensler New Yorkvisited us. Brancato is director and member of the Board for Gensler New York. In addition, he is a member of NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) and AIA(American Institute of Architects). He has managed projects like American Express, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Johnson and Johnson, to name a few.


Another presenter that honored us with his presencewas architect Rives Taylor, Director of Sustainability for Gensler Houston. Taylor is a member of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and has more than 20 years of experience in commerical, institutional and residential projects. Among his clients are Toyota, Discovery Tower and The Energy Company of Texas.


Architect Robert Balder, Project Director for Gensler New York and Yerina Mugica, Research Associatefor the U.S. Center for Market Innovation Natural Resources Defense Council, also visited us.


Thisseminar is part of the Euromobilia initiative to educate on the importance of sustainability and is captured by its new campaign called "Green Design Lives", launched in October of 2007.  As part of this concept the company has redesigned its building, fleet of trucks, webpage and other elements with the objective of raising consciousness on practices such as recycling, optimization of energy resources, sustainable design, etc.  Likewise Euromobilia has improved its practices of production to go hand in hand with this discourse.


Jean Prouvé

(Paris 1901-Nancy, 1984) French Architect and Designer. Inherited the ideals and energy ofhis father, Victor Prouvé. Fused in his works are the relationship between art and industry, without rejecting their value of to the social conscience.  Founding member of the Union of Artistas Modernes (U.A.M) in 1929; his emphasis in construction with visible metal, as much as in the architecture of furniture design, made him one of the most notorious predecessors of high-tech.

"I emerged in a world of artists and scholarly, a world that fed my mind"


Architecture Symposium

New technologies for architecture and its application in the Cloud Forest.

In celebration ofEuromobilia's 20th anniversary, the University of Pennsylvania presented this symposium in Costa Rica. Included were many prestigious exhibitors from different parts of the world, among them architects Jaime Rouillón, Peter McCleary, Alejandro Biguria, Ali Malkawi, Mohamed Alkhayer and Victor Marquez.


Slicing San José / Des-articulando la ciudad

Workshop y expo

Belgian Architect Peter Swinnen, Associate founder of Study 51N4E and graduate of the Architectural Association of London. Winner of the Maaskant of Holland in 2003.


RetailDesign and Visual Merchandising Seminar

Given by Gensler, one of the leading firmsin global architecture, design, planning and strategic consulting in the world. 

The theme of this seminar focused on store design and other points of contact of the consumer; from graphic design to shopping center and hotel design. Included exhibitors from Gensler San Francisco, such as Architects Raymond Shick and Andrina Fonseca-Marín, and Designer Janice Natchek. 


Vitra Personalities

In 1987 Rolf Fehlbaum, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Vitra, entrusted the Swiss photographer Christian Coigny with the taking of photographs of film celebrities that were seated in, design, architecture, music, dance and art festivals that used Vitra chairs. The celebrities would pose freely and accept that the photos would be used in very select advertisements and publications with out any more text than the name of the person and the name of the chair in which they were seated.

Coigny was selected because he had just finished publishing a book, Portrait d´artistes, and had developed an extensive network of contacts. Coigny little by little persuaded more than 100 personalities to participate.

In 1997, 10 years after the first portrait, Fehlbaum decided to end the project, and convert the photos into the book Sittings.

Fehlbuam’s strategy consisted of provoking a desire for Vitra chairs by reinforcing its prestige and showing that the most well known people would sit with out being paid in Vitra’s best known product, the chair.

Coigny saw the project as an opportunity to capture something intimate and to delve a bit deeper into the personality at which he pointed the lens.


David Copperfield
Chair: Figura II
Designer: Mario Bellini and Dieter Thiel

David Hockney
Chair: Persona
Designer: Mario Bellini and Dieter Thiel

Philip Johnson
Chair: Louis 20
Designer: Philippe Starck

Chair: Soft Pad Chair
Designer: Ray and Charles Eames

Dennis Hopper
Chair: Soft Pad Chair
Designer: Ray and Charles Eames

Francis Ford Coppola
Director y Productor de Cine
Chair: Imago
Designer: Mario Bellini and Dieter Thiel

Grace Jones
Actriz y Cantante
Chair: AC2
Designer: Antonio Citterio

Roman Polanski
Director de Cine
Chair: Figura
Designer: Mario Bellini and Dieter Thiel


Exhibitions of Vitra Personalities


Musée d’Elysée en Lusanne, Suiza
Instituto Goethe en Madrid, España.


Kunsthal of Rotterdam


Awards for Public Campaign


Art Directors Club of Germany (ADC Germany). Prize in the category of newspaper and public campaign.


Certamen International of the BWF (Publicity Association of Bavaria) Prize “Printing Cylinder” of silver and mention in the best black and white photograph category


Art Directors Club of Switzerland (ADC Switzerland). Gold in the magazine category. Silver in the daily category.


ADC Switzerland. Silver in the publicity for a newspaper category.


ADC Germany. Prize in the public campaign category


EPICA (European Creative Advertising Award). Prize and inclusion in the “Recount of the Year in Publicity” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


BWF (Bavarian Advertising Association). “Printing Cylinder”


Prize Clio for “The best of Europe”


EPICA. Prize in the category for Photography


ADC Switzerland. Silver in the magazine category Bronze in special publications.


ADC Germany. Prize in the category for public campaign


ADC Switzerland. Silver in the magazine category


DC Switzerland. Bronze in the category of publicity for magazines.


Art for kids

As of November 14 to December 13 more than 12 artists will be united for children.

Guillermo Conte
No title

Alejandro Villalobos
La Charca


Works by Alejandro Villalobos, Guillermo Conte, Cali Rivera and Mario Maffioli, among others, are part of the exposition “Art for kids”, which is organized in conjunction with the Paniamor Foundation. November 21 there will be an auction to gather founds and strengthen the work of this institution.

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